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Physical address of race is:

1644 Garland Detroit Rd

Burlison, TN 38015

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2007 Racing Season Starts.......

at Barton Colesium in Little Rock with Ozzie Barbarie and John Adam racing the pro classes.




Yamaha+IBk-s Chad Reed rode the wheels off of his YZ 250 at Sand Diego Saturday evening in an impressive come from behind victory over Suzuki+IBk-s Ricky Carmichael. The two riders lapped all the other riders including 4th place they were so much faster than the rest of the field. Some folks say that the lappers actually cost Ricky the win as when he was leading, they had no idea he was coming and slowed him down. However once Chad caught Ricky he made the pass and held on for the win as Ricky went down on the last lap with a last ditch effort to pass Chad. They were so far ahead of everyone else that he had time to remount and still take second place by over 30 seconds. Congratulations to Chad Reed on a great win.


Jon Brown rode his new Suzuki RM250Z too double moto wins at Pine Bluff MX Saturday February 19th. This was Jon+IBk-s first race on the new bike and he says he loves it.


John Adam at Malibu on his RMZ250. John tested himself and his new bikes at the opening round of the Midsouth series at Malibu. He pulled the holeshot on his 250 and led for 3 laps. He rode very well and got better with each lap on his new 450Z Suzuki.

Chris Permenter Places 2nd

Chris raced at the Lake Whitney Four Stroke Nationals in the 250 Open Novice support class. Chris did a great job with 39 bikes on the line taking a well earned 2nd overall. What makes the ride even more impressive is Chris has been off for four months. Congratulations Chris.



The first race in Arkansas for the New Suzuki Four Fifty four stroke went went for John Adam. He tried it out at BBMX and pulled the holeshot in each moto with easy wins. Check out the new RM+IBk-s at Cycle & Marine Supercenter for your winning ride.



Supercross at Anaheim 3 - Ricky Carmichael wins again for the 4th race in a row in a easy win by over 20 seconds on his Suzuki RM250. Chad Reed aboard the Yamaha YZ250 fell in the first corner but road the wheels off of his Yamaha to pass every other rider on the track and place 2nd. Ricky holds a large lead in the points for 2005 while Chad Reed is solidly in second place. Congratulations to both Yamaha and Suzuki for the great performances.


Ricky Carmichael wins again, this time at Anaheim II. For the second week in a row, Ricky took the holeshot on his Suzuki RM 250 to lead the Supercross race wire to wire. Chad Reed on his YZ 250 Yamaha was very close but fell in the whoop section. Chad picked up his bike and still held 2nd place as he and Ricky had a huge lead on the rest of the field after just 5 laps of racing. Chad went on to finish a very respectable 2nd place. He is last years National Champion in Supercross.

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Team Suzuki put together two impressive victories with Ricky Carmichael winning the 2005 Phoenix SX 250 class and Broc Hepler winning the 125 class. This is a historic event as this is Ricky+IBk-s first win in theN National Championship with Suzuki and after missing the 2004 season after suffering a knee injury and surgery. He last won a SX National Championship event in 2003. Ricky pulled the holeshot and was never headed although Kevin Windam did pressure him early but after 5 laps Ricky was in control with a good lead.

This was Broc+IBk-s first SX victory and Team Suzuki+IBk-s first win in both the 125 & 250 classes. He was runner up in 2004 in both the SX and the Outdoor Nationals. Brian Sipes placed 3rd aboard his Suzuki in the 125 class also.

Tortelli a former world champion put his ne RMZ 450 in 6th place. He is not know to be a good SX racer but looks to be very competitive in the outdoor nationals this year. The new RMZ 450 should be availbe soon at our dealership. Get your order in today.


Ricky Carmichael on his new 2005 Suzuki


Ricky having just won another national championship is now a Suzuki rider. He is seen here on his 2005 RM 250.


Jon Brown at Tuff-E-Nuff MX 9-19-2004 after winning two classes at Pine Bluff MX 9-18-04. Jon has been riding his RM 125 very well.


RD Johnson on his RMZ 250 at Tuff-E-Nuff MX September 19, 2004.


HOW FAR BACK DO YOU GET GOING THRU THE WHOOPS? This is John Adam flying thru Sugar Creek whoops.


Ozzy Barbaree (above) & John Adam flying at Sherwood MX


Ride report from Racer X on the 2005 RM 250

Racer X Rides Ricky's Next Bike: the 2005 RM250
by David Pingree and Buddy Antunez; Eric Johnson photos


Let me begin by going back: The 2004 RM250 was a great bike. I attended the press release for that bike at this time last year, and walked away very impressed. As a result, I was really anxious to get on the '05 model and put in some laps on the very same bike that 10-time champion Ricky Carmichael will be racing in just a few short months. Will Suzuki's dry spell in the 250 class come to an end this January? Well, personally, I never bet against RC, but I did have some questions about the bike. So I invited five-time National Arenacross Champion Buddy Antunez out to the 2005 RM250 launch with me to find out if Ricky's new ride was up to the job. Being a former factory Suzuki rider, I thought Bud Man might have some insight into what Carmichael's race bike might be like.

Suzuki goes all-out for their press launches, and this year was no exception. Buddy and I arrived at the Badlands Motocross Park, outside the high desert town of Victorville, California, and found the track watered and prepped. Buddy and I were chomping at the bit to carve the first lines. But after his rock/paper/scissors victory, it was Antunez who geared up and went out first for the Racer X RM ride.

After getting comfortable with the new bike and the track, Buddy put some hard laps in and finally brought it back to the pits. He had this to say about the new 'Zook: "This is a great bike. The power is really useable, and it turns awesome. It signs off a little on top, but I think it might just be the jetting. It feels a little rich on top, but the bike is good, especially for the average rider, because the power comes on right away. You don't have to work the clutch, you know?"

Regarding the handling, Buddy added: "The chassis on this thing is pretty good, too. The suspension worked good no matter how hard I pushed it, and it corners like it's on a rail. I loved the way that thing cornered. The clutch and shifting and all that stuff was perfect."

My experience wasn't much different than Buddy's. Right off the bat, I could tell the jetting was a little rich, and that kept the bike from revving out. After that change, which the Suzuki gang quickly made for me, I was very impressed with the bike. In fact, it had the best power of any stock bike I had ever ridden. The throttle response was instantaneous, and the motor pulled clean through the top with no flat spots. The suspension was decent, but the back end danced around on me a little bit. Although I adjusted the sag to 100mm, I am sure the bike would have handled better for me (158 lbs.) at about 108mm.

The details on the bike all came together, as well. Clutch, brakes, shifting, pegs, seat and bars were all good. The best thing about the bike for me was the way it cornered. You could change directions so quickly on this thing, it would change your hairstyle. RC, get ready to rail some turns +ICY and have a new hairdo, I guess.

Since Buddy was a factory Suzuki rider a couple years back, I asked him how he thought Ricky's race bike would be. "I rode a factory Suzuki 250 at the U.S. Open," he said. "It was more bike than I could handle at that particular time. I think Ricky is going to have a really awesome bike. The way that thing handles and turns is really going to be an asset to him. The motor will be as fast as any other 250, so power won't be an issue. Honda had some trouble with the way their bikes cornered, I think, and Ricky is going to be able to carry a lot more speed in the turns on the Suzuki. Reed had more corner speed than Ricky last year, and I think that will change in 2005.

Thanks to Suzuki for extending such a warm welcome to us. The water and Gatorade were cold and the Mexican-food buffet was a gift that kept giving all the way home. See you next year - maybe with your first 250 Supercross Championship since, what, 1981? With this bike, Ricky will be as fast as ever.

Suzuki Press Intro- featuring the 2005 RM 250


Suggested retail price: $5,999
Engine type: 249cc liquid cooled, 2-stroke single
Bore and stroke: 66.4 mm by 72.0mm
Front and rear brakes: single hydraulic disk
Wheelbase: 57.9 in (1470mm)
Dry weight: 212lbs (96 kg)

New Engine Features:

- Redesigned combustion chamber with reduced squish height for improved combustion efficiency and engine power controllability.

- Improved cylinder port design.

- Revised exhaust valve and sub-exhaust valve timing, plus redesigned main exhaust valve spring and governor spring for improved low to mid RPM power output and response.

- Refined crankcase design with additional internal reinforcement ribs for added durability.

- New crankshaft main bearing retainer - keeps main bearing in place when cases are split for easier, quicker maintenance.

- Crankshaft inertia increased 3% for improved rear wheel traction control and power delivery.

- New transmission input shaft featuring 18 involute-type splines on clutch side, plus lighter clutch spring rate- combined features provide lighter more controllable clutch operation and feel.

- Refined kick start lever and internal components for easier engine starts.

New Cassis Features:

- New steering head seal cap added for improved steering head bearing protection.

- New titanium footpegs for reduced weight.

- Updated swingarm design featuring a new bridge tube behind the pivot section for increased rigidity and improved straight line performance.

- Improved front fork performance:
-honed internal surface of the inner tube for smoother fork movement
-larger oil capacity above piston and shim stack for improved oil flow at full travel
-improved dust seal
-refined valve settings for better overall suspension balance

- Improved rear shock performance:
-larger inner rod diameter for increased oil flow at full compression
-refined valve settings for better overall suspension balance

- Redesigned chain guide for reduced weight

- New seat cover material for improved grip, plus new seat foam for better durability

- Smaller front and rear brake hose O.D. and hex style brake hose bolts for reduced weight

- More compact rear brake caliper design

- New aluminum handlebars